If Your Auto Air Conditioner Does Not Work, You're Not 'Cool'

So many things can go wrong with your automotive air conditioner. If yours stopped working, bring it in to us and we will check it out for you. There are a couple of things you can do before you bring it in to us:

First, check to see if the air conditioner (A/C) button is actually on. This is the button that turns on the compressor and produces cold air to be circulated in your vehicle. Sometimes the A/C button has been accidentally turned off and you haven't noticed it. Often the recirculation button has been pushed on instead of the A/C button. This simple mistake can be a miserable one. A friend of mine went without air conditioning in the hottest part of the summer until he finally noticed the A/C light was not on! So first, check the controls.

Second, test the actual function of the buttons on the A/C control panel. Do the buttons move or are they stuck in place? Do they jiggle loosely? Do they feel different than when you used them before? Your air conditioner may work fine, but your control panel may need repair.

If you are having problems with your auto air conditioner, bring your car in to us at 6832 Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth and let us check out your air conditioner unit from the buttons to the compressor. We can check out both the motor and fan of your blower. Or it may be that you just need a new fuse for the blower motor. We can replace the fuse for you. Or you may have a short in the circuit. That is not a big repair and we can do it quickly and have you back on the road 'in the cool.'

Other things can go wrong with your air conditioner. If cold air is coming out the defroster vents, something is wrong with you vacuum-supply line. It may be disconnected or have a hole in it. Sometimes it is just a little thing that is wrong, but sometimes it may be major. Whatever the problem, one of our ASE Certified mechanics can help. Call us at 817-735-1112 or bring your vehicle in for a free diagnostic test to see what is wrong. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our auto and truck repairs.

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