A Glance and a Whiff Could Save You Money

Retail shops often have a sign, "If you break it, you own it." You can reverse that saying if you own a car or truck: "If you own it, it will break (and need repair!)." But if you pay attention with a glance and a whiff every time you drive your truck or car, you can save money on auto repairs. If you drive your vehicle when it needs repair, it will probably need more repair. And that will cost more money.

Make a money-saving habit of using your senses of sight and smell when you get in and out of your car. Here is a partial list of what to be aware of:

Do you see a puddle, a stain, or drops of fluid where you park your vehicle? These may not indicate a problem at all, but check them out if you see them. What color is the fluid that is leaking?

  • If it is orange, green, yellow, or blue in color, you could have an antifreeze leak or an overheating engine. Or your water pump or radiator could need a repair. Call 817-735-1112 immediately and let us help you check it out.

  • If the fluid leaking is black or dark brown, your engine may be leaking oil. It may be a broken seal or bad gasket. If it continues, a much worse problem could develop with your engine. Call us right away.

  • Red-colored oily fluid leaking shows a power steering or transmission fluid leak. That is another reason to call us at 817-735-1112 for a free inspection.

  • Clear liquid dripping under your car or truck us usually just condensation from your air conditioner and is no cause for alarm.

If you see smoke coming from a wheel, you may have a stuck brake. Call us at 817-735-1112 for a tow. Do not try to drive your car. Any smoke coming from your vehicle means you need to call for a repair. Putting off the call will cost you a lot more money.

If you see steam coming from underneath the hood, pull over and stop. If you continue to drive an overheated vehicle, you will most likely cause serious damage to you engine. Call us for a tow.

Different smells can signal specific problems:

  • A burned toast smell is a tell-tale sign of burning insulation or an electrical short. Do not drive your car. Call us to come check it out.

  • The smell of rotten eggs often shows a catalytic converter problem. Bring your vehicle in to us at 6832 Camp Bowie in Fort Worth as soon as possible.

  • An odor that is thick and sharp could denote burning oil. See if there is a leak under your car or truck. If you see a bluish smoke coming from your car or truck, call us immediately at 817-735-1112.

  • If you smell gas after your vehicle fails to start, you may have a flooded engine. Wait several minutes and try to start you vehicle again. If the odor of gasoline persists, you may have a leak in your fuel system. This can be a very dangerous. Call us immediately.

  • A sweet smell from your vehicle may indicate a coolant leak. Notice your temperature gauge and warning lights to see any indication of trouble. Drive your vehicle to our shop at 6832 Camp Bowie in Fort Worth immediately.

If you smell any unusual odor coming from your vehicle, call us as soon as possible at 817-735-1112.

A glance and a whiff can save you a lot of money in automotive repairs.

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